Expand Your Offering & Prospects with the Charitable Gaming Platform from Bad Dog

Electronic Pull-tab games generate strong, consistent on-going revenue from Charities, Fraternals, and Bingo Halls that won't run sweepstakes.

Easy to Use
Easy to Sell, Install & Maintain
Running on basic PC hardware, low maintenance and remote serviceable.
Revenue Generating Games
Large & Growing Game Portfolio
Proven themes and game play that attract and drive revenue; updated monthly.
Statute Aware System
Statute Aware
Our solution is built to be as comparable with paper pull-tabs statute as possible.

A Software Platform that Delivers Consistent Profits from an Accountable Partner You Can Trust

Bad Dog Games develops unique products that are adapted to serve the non-standard charitable gaming market. Bad Dog's best growth opportunity is the growth of our partners. We understand your need to maximize profitable amusement revenue in each and every venue. Our platform is a complete solution including not only industry leading games but POS,  Player Kiosks and Cloud enabled servers for fast, accessible operation.

Our team of gaming software experts have years of experience in designing and building systems that as resilient as they are flexible. We surround that reliability with a world class customer success organization to insure you receive the support you need to accelerate installations and keep service efforts to a minimum.

Games that Entertain with Innovation

Bad Dog Gamings Charitable Gaming Platform game titles feature both time honored themes and gameplay as well as the latest innovations. We understand the non-standard pull-tab player and build games that turn them into loyal customers. 

Unmatched bonus Features
Keeping pull-tab reveals as compelling as their casino counterpart is our bonus features. Bad Dog Games unique bonus features enable a large number of higher dollar payouts that players love across multiple decks that make the system profitable.
Software Design Excellence
Bad Dog Games was founded as a top tier software game studio.  Our years of software design and development have resulted in a reliable, flexible platform that allows us to focus on delivery and not fixes.  Our roadmap calls for new games and new innovative features on a monthly basis. 

Clearly Defined Feature-to-Statute Alignment

State laws regarding gaming are changing rapidly across the country.  Many states are opening doors but not regulating, leaving the details the local and state interpretation.  Bad Dog Gaming's Charitable Gaming Platform is designed with this in mind.  Features and functionality can be enabled or disabled to accommodate local definitions under most circumstances.

Legal Guidance
Bad Dog Gaming can provide legal review of our various system features and components.  This review features direct comparison to each aspect of the statute.

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Bad Dog Games is always looking for regional partners that understand the value of developing the charitable gaming market.

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