Raising Money Is Getting Tougher All the Time.

There has to be a better, easier way to build your bottom line.

New Ideas in Funding
You need new sources of funding. Raising fees will only reduce foot traffic. You need something creative.
Statute Aware System
Statute Aware
The Charity Gaming System's features were built with compliance in mind.
Entertaining Pull Tab Games
Does this solution entertain?  Drive traffic yet engaging to keep them coming back?

Competition for Revenue

With the rapid changes in gaming laws (except those that limit charitable fund raising) across the country, it's getting tougher for charity groups to entertain and compete for income.

Charities can't raise prices on what you already sell. Expanding your offerings may not an option. You don't have the resources to afford the next big thing.  Today's member guest is looking to be entertained, even when not attending a special event.  

Solving the Problem

Expanding your gaming options sounds like it makes sense. Fun games that excite your member guest and makes money. Bingo can work, but it's difficult to differentiate. Pull-tabs are limited fun, but compete with easier to get scratch offs with higher payouts. Then there are all the unknowns...

Is it Legal?
Assurances come from everywhere but all of these games appear to operate the same. Review the games execution and decide for yourself.
Can you make it work?
Is it really affordable? Technology is everywhere these days but can you manage what looks like a complicated system?

Right Solution, Right Provider

Electronic Pull-tab games running on Bad Dog Games Charitable Gaming Platform provided by one of our distribution partners is the answer to your questions.

Electronic Pull-tabs games look and feel like real casino games.  They feature exciting animation & sound - they truly engage your players.  Yet - it's all a grand show.  Each 'played game' is simply a reveal of a pull-tab from an electronic deck.  

Bad Dog Games solutions are turn-key and easy to operate.  Our distribution partners will provide the hardware, training and support - we provide the software.  
Bad Dog's Charitable Gaming Platform is paid for via invoice for pull-tab decks - pay as you go.  NO up front costs & the system pays for itself.

Contact Bad Dog Gaming and Learn More about Electronic Pull-tabs

Charities are uniquely competitive with Electronic Pul-tabs.  The gaming public is looking for the entertainment our system delivers.  Only you are legally entitled to provide it!

Connect with Bad Dog Games today and learn more:

  • How can make you money?
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