Electronic vs Paper Pull-tab

The printed pull tab and the electronic pull tab below are exactly the same - and completely different.  They both feature identical, predetermined outcomes but with completely different player experiences.

Pull Tab Compare Electronic Pull Tab


Completely different experiences...

...exactly the same predetermined outcomes.

Form & Serial Numbers
Printed and electronic pull tab - the same form & serial numbers.
Win & Bet Denominations
The player won $155.04 on a $1 bet - electronic and print.
RF Compare All
Hi-resolution graphical symbols or printed two-digit codes - the same data, as required by statute.

Electronic Pull-tabs are the Answer

It comes down to this - electronic pull-tabs REVEAL the same outcome, via animated game presentation from a systematically produced, predetermined digital deck vs a printed one.

Bad Dog Games' electronic pull-tab games transform pull-tab Buyers into engaged, loyal Players. Our Charity Gaming Platform features highly interactive, exciting games that entertain player / guests. Your charity grows revenue while players have a great time.  It's a win-win.


Pull Tab Game Examples

Bad Dog Games
“The annual summary ... shows electronic-pull tabs brought in $360 million last year, up from $200 million the year before.”
Minnesota Gambling Control Board
Annual Report, 2018


How does the Charity Gaming Platform drive revenue and entertain Player Guests?

Bad Dog Games' Electronic Pull-tab System can be run on a few as (2) PCs. Flexible and sophisticated but easy to use for all types of charities and fraternal organizations. 


Solution Components

Player Guest

The reason why.  Player guests want easy fun with opportunites for payouts as big as statutes will allow.

Game Terminal
Game Terminals

Game terminal are any PC or PC/Cabinet combination you choose.

POS, Kiosk & Server
System Components

POS, Player Kiosk and Gaming Server. These ancillary system components make the Charity Gaming Platform a turn-key solution.

More about Bad Dog

Our disciplined executive team has more than 60 man-years of experience in the software development and gaming industries. We are a rising star in the gaming industry.   One that combines superior technological execution with pioneering game knowledge and a relentless focus on customer's success.

Legislative changes are redefining market opportunities on a quarterly basis.  Bad Dog's flexible business model and adaptable technology will allow our partners to take advantage of these emerging markets by meeting the needs of any given jurisdiction.

Our understanding of players in non-traditional markets, such as charitable pull-tab, enables us to build and support a platform running games customers want. We deliver innovative, profitable gaming experiences via our reliable platform.