...to a new way of building profitable gaming experiences with a common sense business approach.

: About Us

Bad Dog Games is a disruptive new company that designs, builds and distributes products for the gaming and amusement industries. With over 20 years experience in software and gaming, Bad Dog brings innovation to every aspect of our business.

Markets & Features


The fastest growing market in gaming. Skill combines great game play and skill that players must complete to win.

No Chance

Gaming for markets where the removal of chance is key. Revealing the next prize removes the element of chance.

Class III

Classic gaming from hortizontal, to vertical to all points in-between. Virtually all players know these games.

Game Packs

Repeat customers buying more high margin games for existing boards. Stop the endless cycle of expensive, low margin board sales.

Cabinet Agnostic

Gaming for distributors and cabinet suppliers that need a partner with reliable hardware and games that drive revenue.

Operator Focus

Support for various operational modes including cash, pulse, ticket and attendent redemption.

Our Core Values

  • BDG: Be Bold
    BDG: Creative Fun
    BDG: Always Authentic
    Creative Fun

    We are fortunate to be the builders of entertaiment
    - our sole focus is making great games and having fun doing it.

  • BDG: Always Authentic
    BDG: Be Bold
    BDG: Creative Fun
    Be Bold

    We are team of experienced, fearless disruptors
    boldly driving positive change in the gaming industry.

  • BDG: Creative Fun
    BDG: Always Authentic
    BDG: Be Bold

    We always conduct our business with a common sense approach
    to our partners, vendors and employees.


Broadway Game Board 1

Broadway 1

Lap of Luxury, Carousel of Cash, Celtic Gold

Broadway Game Board 2

Broadway 2

Queen of Egypt, Shark Bite, Candy Pop

Broadway Game Board 3

Broadway 3

Royal Fruits, Hexa Keno, Artie Armadillo

Broadway Game Board 4

Broadway 4

Spirit of America, Hot Chili Keno, Year of the Dragon

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